Reverend Roy Allen

Trance Medium 


Roy was born in South Africa to a very religious mother, her father was a church minister, and to a father who was an atheist. Roy was a very weak and sickly child who always seemed to have something wrong with him. The family moved to Southern Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, when Roy was only a baby. 


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At the age of six the Earth Plane doctors told Roy's parents that his hip bones were very soft and pressure on them was causing them to slowly wear away. As a result he was hospitalised for a period of approximately one year, lying on his back with both legs plastered up to the hips and weights attached to his feet. The weights were hung off the end of the bed on a pulley system. This was to reduce any pressure on his hips. Due to Roy's long stay in hospital his immune system became very low, in fact it became so low the doctors at the hospital told his parents it was essential that he be discharged or he would not survive. They also advised that Roy would never walk again and if he did that he would be a cripple the rest of his life.


While Roy was in hospital a young boy aged ten was brought in with advanced cancer in his leg. The boy was placed in the next bed to Roy. After a lot of testing, which took about 3 months, the boy was diagnosed with advanced cancer in his leg.


The doctors advised his parents that the only way to stop the cancer spreading, and save their sons life was to amputate their sons leg. The boy's father was a spiritual healer and against the doctors advice discharged his son from hospital. As a spiritual healer the father knew that he had to let the Earth Plane doctors do what they considered was best for his son, but he could not accept their diagnosis. Six months later the boy walked back into the hospital, to the amazement of the hospital staff. The doctors carried out intensive testing and all the tests showed that the boy's leg was completely clear of cancer.The Earth Plane doctors could not explain the results, the only tangible explanation was that he had been healed by the spirit healers. The Earth Plane doctors obviously would not accept this explanation.

When Roy was discharged his father remembered the other boy in hospital and he sought out his parents. It turned out that the spiritual healer lived in the same street as Roy and his parents in Bulawayo. Roy's father asked the man if he could help his son. The guides of the healer had told him to expect the visit and he was to accept Roy as a patient. Roy's parents took him for spiritual healing, 5 times a week, for a period of about three months and as a result he was cured and is able to  walk 
without a limp.


Roy's father, who was still an atheist at the time, started to investigate the spiritualist movement. Our spirit friends move things in a way that we did not understand at the time and they arranged for the family to move to Northern Rhodesia. It was here in 1956 that his investigations led him to a very good home circle which encouraged development of the sitters. To his surprise, at his fourth meeting, he was taken over by his guide. It wasn't long after his development that his guide said that he was to start his own home circle. The circle was held in Roy's family home. It was only a short time after the circle had been established that his mother also developed as a trance medium.


The group grew and soon they were running both a home teaching circle and a healing circle, at times they had over 24 patients coming to their healing circle. So from the age of nine Roy was surrounded by an environment of both spiritual teachings and spiritual healing. Therefore Roy never thought it strange that he could talk to his spirit guide or that he could help others with his healing gift.


Roy became an integral part of his parent's spiritual work as they moved from Southern Africa to England and then finally to Australia. Both in England and Australia the family continued their spiritual work. On one occasion when Doris Collins (a well known English medium at the time but now in the world of spirit) was in Australia Roy's father was asked to get up and was introduced as possibly the best spiritual healer in Australia at that point in time.


Roy's father passed over in 1994. For reasons only known to our spirit friends they asked that the group be closed down. Our spirit friends also advised Roy that when the time was right he would be guided as to when he should return to his spiritual works. On reflection this was possibly so that Roy could concentrate on the successful running of the family's building business which was to give him the financial security he would need later in life to be able to continue with his spiritual work. It was not until 2007 that another medium spoke to Roy and advised him that the time was right. Roy's guide Henry has always been by his side and helped him through the trials of life, being crippled, 3rd degree burns to over 75% of his body at aged 9, after a serious motoring accident they covered his body and were going to take him to the mortuary, two marriages, four children, to name but a few. The strength which he has received because of his spiritual knowledge has helped him through life's trials and has given him the ability to cope with whatever life has thrown at him.


Life never seems to be easy for those people who dedicate their lives to spiritual works, either by spreading the teachings as a trance medium or by helping those in need through spiritual healing. Currently Roy has cancer and his wife suffers from multiple sclerosis but they both still have a very positive attitude to life. They say that their attitude can be attributed to the teachings they have received and acceptance of the divine plan.


Since 2009 Roy and his wife have held both a weekly home circle and a weekly trance healing circle. The healing guides have helped many people and cured many conditions. In 2010 the group was blessed by having Maurice Barbanell come to their home circle to give talks. It wasn't until early 2012 that Estelle Roberts first came to give a talk. Both Maurice and Estelle have become the main teachers of spiritual truths to the group. All talks given at the home circle and the healing circles have been recorded and transcribed. In mid 2014 the group was asked to share the teachings by way of this website and like all work Roy has ever done for our spirit friends it is done free of charge. He has never received any financial reward for any of his spiritual work, although he does accept contributions towards traveling and other expences (to date these have never covered costs), so he cannot be called a professional medium. In September 2015 Roy was ordained as a minister of the BSF Church and is now the Arch Reverend of Australia .