Maurice Barbanell

Passed Over May 1981

The trance medium of Silver Birch now in the world of spirit who has returned to give his lessons from spirit.


Maurice Barbanell's parents on the Earth Plane were Manel Barbanell, a barber and an atheist and Rifka Groblen, a devoutly religious Jewish lady. They were married in Poland/Russia and moved to London in about 1899. Maurice was born 3 May 1902 in London and passed over to the world of spirit on 17 July 1981.


Maurice Barbanell was a trance medium and journalist but is most remembered for the teachings of his spirit guide Silver Birch. Prior to being enlightened into the teachings of spirit Maurice had been a confirmed atheist but later changed to being agnostic. The first home circle he went to was with the medium Mrs Blaustein where his guide, Silver Birch, first came through. He also attended the home circle of Estelle Roberts and through the teachings of Red Cloud, the spirit guide of Estelle Roberts, and the teachings of his own spirit guide Silver Birch, Maurice became one of the greatest advocates for Spiritualism.


During his time on the Earth Plane he toured extensively giving lectures and demonstrations. He was one of the founders and the editor of the spiritualist paper The Psychic News which published many of the teachings of Silver Birch. The teachings of Silver Birch were recorded at his home circle, known as the “Hannen Swaffer” home circle. There are many sites about the teachings of Silver Birch so we will not be quoting any of these on this site.


In 1959 Maurice stated in his book This is Spiritualism “The evidence reveals that man, after death is a conscious, intelligent, reasoning being, possessing memory, friendship, affection, and love, and with the ability, given the right conditions, to guide loved ones left behind”. Although Maurice’s work, in the physical sense on the Earth Plane, ended on 17 July 1981 his desire to continue this work now he is in the world of spirit is really not that surprising. What follows are some of the teaching received from Maurice Barbanell in his spirit form. We hope that you enjoy reading his inspired words from spirit.


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