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A person who is not inclined to believe in any form of religious belief. An Agnostic believes that it is impossible to know anything about God or about the creation of the universe and they will refrain from committing to any religious doctrine.


Astral Body

Your spiritual self which is the real you contained within your physical body. Some people refer to your astral body as your soul.



A person who denies the existence of God or of any divine beings.



We have all seen pictures and paintings of different spiritual leaders across various religions but one thing that is common among all of them is the halo that surrounds their head which is known as the aura energy field. This energy field does not only surround just the head but also extends all around your body. This aura represents your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies. The aura is often seen as a mix of fine coloured frequencies where each colour defines its own individual nature and characteristics.


Automatic Writing

A spirit takes control of the hands and arms of a responsive person and through this control is able to write messages or lessons. The person who is being used in this way has to be in a state of meditation and relaxation so that the spirit who is doing the writing can control the physical body they are using, even though they are only controlling the arms and hands.



In the terms of spiritual works a person who can be used as a channel is a person who can be used to communicate messages from the world of spirit. A channel can be a clairaudient, a clairvoyant, a clairsentient, or a trance medium. All of these forms of channelling are explained below.



This is a form of channelling in which the spirit communicates to a receptive person through their mind. Clairaudience is the ability of a receptive person to talk to spirits through mental communication. This form of communication is similar to verbal communication. The only difference is that a receptive person hears the spoken words in their mind rather than through their ears. The spirits are heard as clear as if they were communicating verbally and their words were heard through the ears.



This is similar to clairaudience but in addition to hearing the words from spirit a receptive person can actually see the spirit form. Once again the picture is transmitted to the mind of the receptive person and not through their eyes. In clairvoyance the spirit is seen as clear as if it was a physical body seen through the eyes.



Unlike the two forms of communication noted above the receptive person or channel does not hear or see the messages from spirit but picks up emotions or other senses from the people who are physically near to them both on the Earth Plane and the spiritual planes. Some people also describe it as having a sixth sense. They can sometimes sense that something will happen in the future before it happens or sense the presence of spirits who are near them.


Deep Trance Medium

See Medium – Deep Trance under M to Z.

Direct Voice

Direct voice is a form of physical mediumship in which the spirit communication is carried out through a trumpet. The trumpet is a cylindrical tube narrow at one end and wider at the other, approximately 45–60cm long. Communication through the trumpet is heard in the actual voice of the spirit when they were last on earth, thus the term direct voice.


Divine Law

God, the Great Master, the Great White Spirit (all words to describe the same being), and the Heavenly Host laid down guidelines which we all have to abide by. The same way we have laws on the Earth Plane which we have to live by Divine Laws are the rules we have to live by on our journey back to “heaven” and the Heavenly Host.


Divine Love

Divine Love is love in its purest form. Divine Love does not have any restrictions or sexual connotations. The love a parent has for their child or a dog has for his master are the closest comparison to Divine Love that can be easily understood. It is a love which is given out freely without any thought of receiving anything back in return. Love which has no jealousy. Love which has no bounds.


Divine Plan

We on the Earth Plane will all eventually return to the Heavenly Host by purifying ourselves to a point where we are as pure in heart as those who already occupy the place we call heaven. Our journey back there does not come without a lot of obstacles for us to overcome. The Heavenly Host laid out guidelines for us to follow so that we are able to purify ourselves to the point that our souls are filled with 100% Divine Love. These guidelines are known as the Divine Plan and are vast in their formation so that they cover all situations and circumstances which we will come up against on our journey back to the Heavenly Host.


Divine Power

This is any power which comes from the Heavenly Host.


Earth Bound Spirits

The spirits of people who have passed over but for various reasons cannot accept that they have passed over so they do not move forward into the spiritual life. They are locked into the vibration of the Earth Plane until they finally see the light and move forward.


Earth Plane

The place where we live at the moment, i.e. our planet earth, our spirit friends call it the Earth Plane.



Ectoplasm is a visible substance formed by physical mediums when in a trance state and is used by spirit to show themselves to the physical world. Estelle Roberts was a physical medium and Maurice Barbanell said that in one of the demonstrations he witnessed that he was not only able to see the physical form of Red Cloud but was actually able to shake his hand. This form of physical mediumship is very rare.


Great Master

Is known by many names, God, Krishna, Buddha, The Great White Spirit but they all mean the same thing, that is we are referring to a being, a divine soul, who is the purest spirit known to man and whose love encompasses all and one who has created the earth and all beings who occupy the Earth Plane.



A guide is a spirit who is responsible to guide you on your journey through the Earth Plane. Some guides have their main responsibility to guide an individual others have a more general brief to give guidance to many of us on earth.


Halls of Learning

Like on earth the spirit world has halls in which knowledge can be obtained and like our schools and universities we would visit these to expand our understanding of life and how to move forward on our journey. Anything and everything can be learned in the Halls of Learning.


Heavenly Host

Some people would refer to the Heavenly Host as the angels around God. They are spirits who have evolved themselves to be spirits of perfect and complete love.


Highly Evolved Spirit

The level of love that a spirit has within themselves is how they are viewed in the world of spirit. A highly evolved spirit is one who has removed most of the negative energy from themselves so anger or judgement of others is not part of their personality.


Healing Circle

At our healing circle the healers from spirit come though a medium to send the healing power to individuals who are unwell on the Earth Plane. The patients can actually converse with the healing guides. Christian churches have healing meetings but they call it divine healing.


Home Circle

As the name implies, a home circle is a group of like minded people who sit in a circle, or as close as is practical, to communicate with our spirit friends, usually in one of the sitters homes. There is normally a trance medium in the group who allows their body to be used for our friends in the spirit world to communicate and/or give lessons to the members of the group.



Karma is described in Buddhist teaching as follows “the law of karma is that for every event that occurs that there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant accordingly as its cause was skilful or unskilful. A skilful event is one that is not accompanied by cravings, resistance or delusions; an unskilful event is one that is accompanied by any of those things”. In simple terms, karma teaches us that for every action we do that there is either a reward or a consequence for these actions.


Light Trance Medium

See Medium – Light Trance under M to Z.