Estelle Roberts

Passed Over May 1970

The trance medium of Red Cloud now in the world of spirit who has returned to give her lessons from spirit.


Estelle Roberts was born on the Earth Plane on 10 May 1889. Her parents, Edwin Blackstone Wills and Isobel Wills, named their daughter May Estelle Wills. The family were living at May Cottage in Kensington, a suburb of London. Estelle passed over to the world of spirit in May 1970.


Estelle was married three times. Her first husband was Hugh Warren Miles whom she married in 1906 and they had three children – Ivy, Evaline and Iris. Hugh passed over after they had been married for approximately 13 years. Following Hugh’s death Estelle saw him on a number of occasions and heard him say “Here all live on and cannot die. It is quite wonderful”.


Estelle married her second husband, Arthur Roberts, in 1920 and they had a son Terry. Arthur also passed over leaving her to bring up 4 children.


Estelle met her third husband, Charles Tilson-Chrowne, at a spiritualist meeting and they were married in 1941. Charles worked alongside Estelle as a healer but he too passed over in the arms of Estelle.


Estelle was regarded as one of the most versatile mediums of her day. Although as a child she encountered spirits, Estelle Roberts did not start her development as a medium until she was in her thirties. Over the years she conducted many séances and demonstrated many different forms of mediumship, including physical materialisation and direct voice.


In the 1950’s she was greatly instrumental in the legal recognition of Spiritualism by the British Government. Winston Churchill led the movement to remove the Witchcraft Act which regarded the holding of séances as a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment. Estelle conducted a convincing demonstration of mediumship inside the House of Commons. She is regarded by the British Spiritualist Movement as one of its finest exponents of mediumship in the 20th Century.


The teachings of her guide, a native American Indian known as Red Cloud, have been published.


She filled the Royal Albert Hall in London on over a score of occasions, and she also toured the UK giving demonstrations of her exceptional mediumistic gifts to many thousands of people.


It is not surprising then that Estelle has also returned to continue her work in spreading spiritual truths but now from her greater understanding from the world of spirit. We hope that you will enjoy reading her inspired words.


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