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A Master is a spirit who has achieved greatness, in relation to the purity of their soul, and returns to the Earth Plane, either in human form, or as a spirit who comes to the Earth Plane to give lessons though a medium.



A person who can communicate with the world of spirit.


Medium – Trance

A trance medium allows their physical body to be used by spirit so the spirit can directly communicate with the material world.


Medium – Light Trance

A light trance medium can vary depending upon the level of control the spirit has on the medium. In very light trance the spirit places their words into the subconscious of the medium and the medium speaks these words out loud. The medium is fully aware of what is being said. In the deepest form of light trance the spirit takes over as much of the medium as is required and the words are spoken by spirit. In deeper light trance the medium’s astral body is placed alongside their physical body so they are generally aware of what is being said by spirit.


Medium – Deep Trance

In deep trance the process similar to that described above in Medium – Light Trance. The only difference is that the medium’s astral body is taken away into the world of spirit while they are being used. Because of this the medium is totally unaware of what is being said by the spirit occupying their physical body. The medium also has no memory of their short time in the world of spirit. A deep trance medium is a person who was born with an astral body which can be moved to one side and another astral body can move in and take over the physical body. The person who is being used in this way is always connected to their physical body by a power cord known as the silver cord.



The Nazarene is the name our spirit friends give to Jesus of Nazareth.



This is a form of spiritual healing which does not require the help of a trance medium.



A séance is a small gathering of individuals who sit together to try to establish communication with people in the world of spirit. At least one member of the group is usually a medium, or at least possesses some mediumistic powers.


Seven Principles of Spiritualism

1) The Fatherhood of Man.

2) The Brotherhood of Man.

3) The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

4) The continuous existence of the Human Soul.

5) Personal Responsibility.

6) Compensation and Retribution for all the good and evil deeds done on Earth.

7) Eternal progress open to every human soul.


Silver Birch

Silver Birch is the spirit guide of Maurice Barbanell and many books have been published recording his teachings.



As the name suggests a person who is a spirit who is not now in a material body, i.e. the body we have on the Earth Plane.


Spirit Guide

See Guide under A to L.



This is the plane of vibration we all go to when we leave the Earth Plane.